The StagesBike can connect to apps and control resistance so a target power is maintained, this mode of control is also referred to as "Erg mode". To review all control modes, see the StaegsBike user guide Control Modes page. Certain apps have different settings to assist some trainers with Erg mode. The following sections give the best settings to use Erg mode in connected applications.


Erg mode in Zwift will not work correctly if the power meter is the power source in Zwift

  1. Open the Zwift bluetooth connection settings
  2. Pair to the StagesBike as:
    1. Power source
    2. Cadence source
    3. Controllable trainer

Zwift will try to actually change target power on the controllable trainer according to the power it gets from the power meter if the power source and controllable trainer source are different, this leads to the Stages Bike and Zwift both making changes at the same time, and a terrible experience. This should be disabled in Zwift in their August 2020 release, and the StagesBike can be paired as controllable only if the user prefers after this update.


Erg mode in TrainerRoad will not work correctly if the user is using Power match

  1. Go to the sensor settings for the StagesBike
  2. Disable Power match

Using Power Match will cause the StagesBike to get controlled twice, which will always be a bad experience.