Setting the "Zero Offset" or calibrating your power meter is an important part of the set up process, as well as an ongoing step to continue getting the most accurate readings from your power meter. The process within your head unit may vary, but the crank position will be the same no matter how you are calibrating. 

How do I calibrate the zero offset?

How to Zero Reset in the StagesPower app

Calibration Time Out

Error Codes


What is Zero Offset Calibration

How do I calibrate the zero offset?

Before attempting to calibrate or zero reset the power meter, ensure that a working battery is in use and rotate the power meter at least one revolution to ensure the power meter is awake and ready to communicate.

Crank Position

The left crank arm with power meter MUST be positioned straight down (6 o’clock position), with no load applied to the pedal, and the bike in a stable position.  If the left crank arm is not straight down the reset procedure for zero offset will fail.

Although the process for calibrating the zero offset will vary depending on the display manufacturer, these first two steps will be required for all head units and apps:

1. Ensure the power meter has been paired to and is communicating with the display unit.

2. The crank is positioned straight down (6 o’clock position - see Figure above), the bike is stable, and no load is applied to the pedal. 

Note: please see error code #32 in the troubleshooting section below. The power meter sensor will determine if the crank is positioned in an acceptable orientation during the zero reset process.

3. Access the settings function of the wireless display.

4. Select the power sensor (many times the power sensor is located within a “BIKE” setting).

5. Select the “CALIBRATE” or “Manual Zero” function.

6. Calibration of the zero offset will begin and take only a few seconds to complete.

7. Upon completion the display will show a message indicating success or failure of the procedure.

The instructions on how to calibrate for many major head units are included in the following article:

How do I pair my Stages Power meter to my ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device?

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Calibrating in the StagesPower App

Zero Reset Button on the Stages iOS App

You can preform a zero reset using the StagesPower app on your mobile device.

StagesPower Android App

StagesPower iOS App

1. Open up the StagesPower app on your mobile device

2. Spin the crank to activate the power meter, then stop with the left crank in the 6 o'clock position

3. Select "Connect via Bluetooth" on the iOS app or select the power meter from the list of Discoverable devices on the Android App

4. Position the crank according to the instructions in the previous section. 

5. Select "Zero Reset" from the app. A zero reset value will appear under "ADC" once the process is complete

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Calibration time out

When using a Garmin® display unit with other ANT+ sensors enabled (HR strap or Speed/Cadence sensor) it is possible the calibration process will take too long and time out before completion. To resolve this either turn o­ff the enabled sensors on your Garmin while you calibrate your power meter (you can turn it back on once the power meter is calibrated) or make sure to pair your other sensors by wearing the HR strap on or spinning the wheel to activate the speed sensor and ensure it has been detected by the display before you attempt to calibrate the zero o­ffset. I

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Garmin Error Codes

An error code may be displayed if resetting the zero reset fails. Please note the possible error codes below and corrective action that should be taken.

Error Code # Corrective Action

Rotate the power meter to re-awaken it and ensure the power meter is paired/connected to your head unit and re-attempt the zero reset

1, 2

Simply attempt zero reset again. If code remains after several attempts please contact Stages Cycling – Technical Support or Stages Cycling Europe.


Power meter crank not in proper position (straight down); see the figure below

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Still can't calibrate or zero reset?

If you are still having trouble setting the zero offset value on your power meter, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance. Click here for Dealer Locator (Global) / Dealer Locator (Europe)