The Stages Power meter zero offset or calibration value is the point in which your power meter interprets the crank to have zero weight on it. When you calibrate the power meter, it is important that the crank is in the 6 o'clock position with no weight on the pedal. If you calibrate the power meter with weight on the pedal or your foot/shoe clipped it, it will be calibrated incorrectly and no longer give accurate data.

Most head units that are capable of calibrating the power meter will return a value after successfully calibrating, which is your zero offset number. In the StagesPower app, this is listed as the "ADC".

What number should I receive when I perform the zero offset/calibration?

The zero offset value varies from one power meter to another and is affected by temperature changes, the power meter being removed and reinstalled, and other external factors. Under the correct calibration process, this number should be fairly steady from day to day after the power meter is installed on the bike, with only minor changes to account for temperature variance.

The expected range of values is within +/- 50 from 890, so expect to see numbers in the high 800s or low 900s when calibrating properly.

Need further help?

If you receive a drastically high or low number while zero offsetting your power meter, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance. Click here for Dealer Locator (Global) / Dealer Locator (Europe)