If you are unable to calibrate your power meter due to an error message or error code within the head unit, please see the following instructions to help determine the next step to resolve the error and properly set the zero offset of your power meter.

Garmin error codes
StagesPower app errors

Garmin error codes

Error Code # Corrective Action

Rotate the power meter to re-awaken it and ensure the power meter is paired/connected to your head unit and re-attempt the zero reset

1, 2

Simply attempt zero reset again. If code remains after several attempts please contact Stages Cycling – Technical Support or Stages Cycling Europe.


Power meter crank not in proper position (straight down); see the figure below

Proper position for calibration:

Note: If you are getting the Error 32 message when the crank is indeed in the 6 o'clock position, please remove the battery for 10 seconds and re-insert it to reset the unit and try the calibration again.

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StagesPower app errors

If you receive an error in the StagesApp while calibrating, please take a screen shot or note the error that occurs. You may  need to reset the unit and attempt calibration again, but if you are unable to resolve this error, please create a new support with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe informing us of the stated error for the next step.

For position based errors, please see the above diagram for correct crank position. If you are getting this error when the crank is indeed in the 6 o'clock position, it may be necessary to reset the crank by removing the battery for 10 seconds and re-inserting it, then connecting to the app again to re-attempt the zero reset.

StagesPower Android App Calibration Failure

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Still need help?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance. Click here for Dealer Locator (Global) / Dealer Locator (Europe)